Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Only Water

In our part of the state, we have had rain just about every day for the past week.  Some of the storms have been serious and there has been major flooding in several areas.  With all the rain, I just wanted to post this song that I'm loving right now.  Enjoy!

There's a shadow coming
As the sky goes black
It's a stubborn rain
On a Nebraska plain

There's a farmer standing
On a thirsty ground
He holds his breath
This is life or death
It's only water

And it washes over me
Like a single river stone
Changes everything
But has no power on its own
It's only water

There's a winding canyon
Where a mountain stood
Miles of earth and clay
Carried far away

But there's something holy
In these cathedral walls
They took a lot of years
And a lot of tears
It's only water

There once was a wedding
All the wine was gone
They said He's just a man
That's where it all began
It was only water

1 comment:

  1. What a great song! Thank you for recommending it. I hadn't heard this one until now.